Clean and Green

Clean and Green

“Clean, green, natural and sustainable” have become the catchphrases and keywords for skincare products in the past few years. In fact, clean beauty has become so vital to consumers and producers that some companies such as Credo actually have an extensive “dirty list” of ingredients that they do not accept. But clean extends beyond ingredients as it includes:

a. Being environmentally clean. Packaging, shipping and sustainably (and ethically) sourced ingredients are all essential to reducing carbon footprints and have become an essential part of “green beauty.”

b. Contributing to a clean sense of holistic well being to your body and face. Some even feel that knowing how sustainable and ethical a product is, actually contributes to the feeling of personal wellness. It’s important to understand that natural, however, is not always safe (think cobra venom) and synthetics are not always toxic. Finding that balance is essential to clean beauty.

c. Hygienically clean and made and tested to the highest standards by cosmetic scientists (such as done by our own cosmetic scientist, Juan Carlos Salgado.)

d. The term clean beauty could be replaced by “truthful, honest and fair” as in come clean with your transparency, be truthful in labeling and contents and be fair to the farmers.

Green Beauty refers to the use of natural ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. By not using toxic (toxicity is in the dose) levels or sources of ingredients, green beauty finds the balance of non toxic, safe, natural and effective products. This even dovetails into “skinimalism” which includes having a minimal yet beneficial impact on your body and our environment.