Our Connection to the Amazon Cloud Forest

High above the rainforest, where the Amazon kisses the Andes, sits the dazzling and mystical cloud forest, home to a unique and astonishing ecosystem. An estimated 10% of all Amazon plants have significant medical value, earning the Amazon the right to be dubbed “The World’s Biggest Pharmacy”, one that harbors thousands of species of beneficial plants and nuts. It was in this Peruvian cloud forest that remarkable jungle nut was recently unveiled. This nut called Plukenetia Huayllabambana (named after the valley in which it grows) was found to have, in addition to tocopherols (vitamin E), the highest content of Omega 3s in the world!


Like most people who enter their thirtysomethings, I had begun to lose the youthfulness in my face. My skin was duller, and I noticed the appearance of larger pores which I realized are caused by a lack of firmness and elasticity. I tried many high-end facial serums and creams over the next couple of years but couldn’t find a product that worked well without irritating my somewhat sensitive face. I was still missing that “wow” factor, that radiance, smoothness, and softness that I used to enjoy. I had taken leave of my law practice, here in Peru, and, now with time on my hands, began to research and search for an effective and natural anti-aging solution.


I contacted Dr. David Hepburn, a Canadian physician and expert in medicinal cannabis. He was also passionate about the ethnobotanical pharmacopoeia of the Amazon, where he had been bioprospecting for some time. Intrigued by the uniqueness of this nut, we intrepidly headed deep into the Peruvian jungle to the small remote village of Nueva Esperanza, the only place on earth where this nut actually grows. We traveled by air, bus, truck, and horse. Upon arriving, what was immediately most striking about the villagers of any and all ages (who routinely ate this nut and rubbed on its oil), was that their skin and hair were far from what would be expected in the harsh Amazonian sun and climate. Faces were soft and smooth when there should’ve been wrinkles. Their long, gorgeous hair was lustrous when it should’ve been frazzled. I became excited about the possibilities that my skin could also have that same glow.


We teamed up with Dr. Juan Carlos Salgado, one of the most experienced cosmetic scientists in Latin America, to formulate a powerful antiaging derma cosmetic line using the pure extracted of the Plukenetia Huayllabambana seed oil. Wanting to avoid harsh synthetics and chemicals at all costs, while being highly effective, the formula includes ingredients which are proven to be effective in high end dermo cosmetics. Skin peptides, niacinamide, vitamin complexes and a more powerful concentration of hyaluronic acid than most serums, were all formulated scientifically with our Omega 3 as the hero ingredient. We applied for INCI designation for this hero ingredient in June 2020 and were awarded it.

Hence, Amazon Silk was born. The first skincare product using the richest source of Omega 3 known.


Omega 3 is an impressive moisturizer and humectant, but it also contains significant anti-inflammaging and depigmenting capabilities. Omegas protect and repair while brightening and lightening the skin. I used Amazon Silk daily and the results actually astonished me. Pores shrunk and within three days my skin was softer, smooth, and fresh… with no irritation at all. I was floored. We made some prototypes and asked others to try it. The feedback was far beyond what we expected. Absolutely everyone, to a person, loved what it did for them, and they wanted more. Even one of the scientists at the University of Lima, where it was being analyzed, put the oil in her hair daily and was amazed.


Coming from nature’s greatest garden we can easily claim poster child status for being clean, green, sustainable, artisanal, and transparent, but… we want to be more. We want to be effective, very effective. We want people to experience a real benefit to their skin, to their face. We want them to be refreshed and radiant. We are happy to say, that is what Amazon Silk has done.


Our story continues to evolve but has already been quite remarkable, stemming from a remote and humble part of the Amazon cloud forest to now being a finalist in the Pure Beauty Global Awards in 2022 as the best facial serum in the world.


We back every purchase with a 110% no-hassle, no-questions-asked, satisfaction guarantee, so your purchase is RISK-FREE. Stop missing out on your best-looking skin.

Our Team

Amazon Silk is led by a qualified team specialized in pharmaceutical skincare, biotechnology, medical cannabis, supply chain and financial markets with years of combined experience in researching, creating and developing the finest dermo cosmetics products.

  • Nancy Trujillo

    CEO & Founder

  • David Hepburn

    Medical Adviser

  • Juan Carlos Salgado

    Cosmetic Science Adviser

Clean, Green, Sustainable and Transparent

Cloudforest Peru is founded on an ethical desire to serve the peoples of the Amazon cloud forest, the Amazon itself and our customers. As such we believe in integrity in all dealings with associates and customers. We ascribe to full transparency of every step of our process.

Our priority is specifically to the people of Nueva Esperanza, a rustic, impoverished and remote village deep within the Amazon cloud forest of Peru. We feel that by focusing on one community, we can be a force for real improvement in the lives of the people of this village. Knowing that our differences can be our strengths, we are respectful, courteous, kind and considerate. We do not exploit differences in social or economic class or educational level. Being socially responsible in action is a legacy we strive towards. “We exist temporarily through what we take, but we live forever through what we give."

We believe in complying with all laws and eschewing and opposing corruption when we are confronted with it.

We adhere to the guidelines as set out in the Fair Trade practice. We purchase the nuts at higher than market price and/or prices that have been offered by other companies. We continue to ensure that this collection of families of this community are treated fairly and that no abuse of any sort, including the involvement of child labour is occurring in these farming families. We wish to share our good fortune with the people of Nueva Esperanza by financially assisting the resilient people of that community. We look for opportunities to share profits in ways that have long term benefits.

To preserve the breathtaking and breath giving rainforests and cloud forests of the Amazon. As a result, each time you purchase an Amazon Silk product, a portion of the proceeds goes directly to the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest. For those, like us, who care about the preservation of the flora and fauna of the “lungs of the world”, this is an opportunity to actively do something positive to combat the willful destruction of the Amazon. In addition, we have also established a benevolent fund to support our warm, welcoming and wonderful friends in Nueva Esperanza. Through Amazon Silk, we will bring a positive and beneficial experience to this very remote yet friendly village.

"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."--Maya Angelou