Face Oils Seal the Deal

Face Oils Seal the Deal

One of the unwanted signs of aging skin is a dull appearance the skin takes on with time. The radiance of youth is lost. Well, say hello to facial oils and to a more luxurious and robust glow. 

Today’s oils (mostly plant derived) are relatively light and buck the misconception that oils are greasy and heavy. So, apply face oil AFTER you apply your serum as the serum is hydrating, meaning it penetrates the skin layers deeply. The oil is a moisturizer, meaning that it sits on the top layer of the skin, for the most part, and keeps that hydration in, sealing the deal. It seals in all that hyaluronic acid goodness or niacinamide or Omega 3s or peptides and other vitamins etc so that they can have a longer lasting beneficial effect. 

Hydrators, moisturizers, and humectants are three different things each with their own advantage, but together they conspire to allow your face to be freshly hydrated, soft and supple. There simply is no such thing as too much moisturizing. If dry skin is an issue, then facial oils become even more important.

Facial oils can also act as a skin protectant as it enhances the all-important skin barrier, a barrier that when functioning well, keeps moisture in and keeps irritants and pollutants out. 

And, like the serums or other products, oils are often formulated now to contain many other active ingredients that can do everything from reversing free radical damage, lightening and brightening the skin or boosting collagen and elasticity.

Apply a few drops of facial oil in the morning and at night after your serum but before your thicker night or even day creams. The vast majority… love the results.