For Twenty Something

For Twenty Something

Do not wait for middle age to begin regular skin care maintenance. Waiting until wrinkles begin, sagging starts and radiance is lost to begin skin care maintenance is folly. Many unpleasant conditions (osteoporosis, heart disease, skin wrinkling) actually begin early in life, even if they show up later. Suddenly trying to fix bad or aged skin when you’re older is so much more difficult if you haven’t maintained good skincare in your youth.

While a new car doesn’t need the same depth of maintenance as a jalopy, ignoring skincare when you’re young can lead to regrets later.

Sun damage accumulates, smoking damage accumulates, excess sugar damage accumulates. All can nibble away at your collagen and elastin production and sabotage your inherent beauty.

To bring out the best of your natural beauty, maintain and enhance your face regularly and early on. In some Asian cultures where skin beauty is evident, a lifelong commitment to skincare is a priority. It is not only about acne and pore control but about keeping a fresh, radiant and damage-free face.

Make your skin radiant today. Keep your face youthful and gorgeous now by choosing good quality skincare products and avoiding sun, smoke and sugar. Keep that face as porcelain pure as the day you were born.