Night Cream Different from Day Cream

Night Cream Different from Day Cream

There are significant distinctions to what happens in our bodies (and skin) at certain times of the day. They are as different as… night and day.

While exposure to the rigors of the day can put a dent into successful skincare, a seven-hour sleep allows for more than 500 DNA repairs.

The key to success lies not only in the ingredients but also in the different consistency of day lotions and night creams. The right day cream is light and is easily absorbed leaving no residue. Night creams on the other hand are nutrient rich and thick enough to remain on the skin long enough for it to work all night long.



During the day, your facial skin needs moisture and protection. 

Apply your day cream in the morning after first cleansing, pat drying and using your serum. Your day cream should hydrate your face as well as protect against the environmental damage that the day brings, the sun of course being the main culprit. If you spend any time outside, you should also apply sun protection, if it isn’t already in your day lotion. 

It is also important that your day creams and lotions have antioxidants given how they work to protect the skin from evil, damaging free radicals and pollutants. 



The night belongs to repair and regeneration. 

Your skin wants to heal from the day’s environmental stressors, making this a good time to apply ingredients that lean toward reparation and anti-aging, such as hyaluronic acid (4%), Omega 3, and always always a moisturizer/humectant.

Use the same routine as for the day cream but instead of the thinner day lotion, the thicker richer night cream is applied at the end. Then get… hours.