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Sugary Skin 

We know that smoking really ages and wrinkles your skin while alcohol gives a boozy bloated inflamed face. But how about… sugar?

When consumed in excess, sugar binds to collagen and elastin, two proteins in our skin that keep it looking firm, young, elastic and bouncy. This process called glycation, produces Advanced Glycation End Products, appropriately enough…AGE!

AGEs are substances that damage those youth-giving proteins and actually prevent the body from repairing them.  AGEs also render the strongest collagen back into the weakest version, like turning a fresh firm banana into a mushy old bruised banana. They also counteract the beneficent antioxidants that are protecting your skin from oxidative stress and inflam-aging.

The result: Wrinkles, sagging, crosshatch marks (upper lip), loss of softness, age spots, and sallow skin.

So, if you want something really sweet for your skin, go with clean, green natural and…. sugar free.