The Correct Order to Apply the Correct Product

The Correct Order to Apply the Correct Product

Like maintaining your car or brushing your teeth, skincare maintenance is essential to long lasting success. But how to apply? Few people would put a primer on a wall after painting it. The correct order is essential in making sure that your skincare routine works as it is meant to do. Whether you use a three step, nine step or 37 step routine, one important point to remember is that thinner products (like serum) go on BEFORE the thicker products (like night creams) as the thinner products aren’t able to penetrate the thicker ones to get to your face. 

For those who prefer a simpler yet effective routine we will give you a three step routine. We will also suggest a five and seven. These are for both nighttime and daytime with the exception that daytime should always end with a sunscreen, while the nighttime routine, of course, doesn’t need it unless you happen to be near the North Pole in June. 


Three step

  1. CLEANSER: Use a gentle cleanser to remove dirt and makeup (a cleansing oil) so that the skincare products can easily penetrate your face. 
  1. SERUM: This is the king of your skin care. It is a concentrated form of the most important ingredients and should always include hyaluronic acid and vitamins (B3, C especially). You can either purchase separate serums or, better yet, an all-in-one. 
  1. DAY (OR NIGHT) CREAM: This is all about the moisturizing, while serums are more about hydrating (penetrating deep). Along with sun protection, effective moisturizing is the cornerstone of skincare. Make sure the creams have excellent moisturizers and humectants (keeps moisture locked in) such as niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ceramides, and Omega 3s. 

(Again, the daytime needs a sunscreen as the final step)


Five step

  2. TONER: This optional step is for those with acne prone or dry skin. Your choice of toner will depend on which you have, if either. 
  3. SERUM
  4. FACE OIL: This seals the serum deal. In addition to having its own excellent ingredients, it makes the other products you use much more effective by giving them more staying power. Especially useful if you tend to have dry skin.  
  5. DAY (OR NIGHT) CREAM if indeed they are thicker than the face oil, otherwise vice versa. Thinner products first, thicker on top


Seven step

  2. TONER
  3. SERUM
  4. EYE CREAM: Because the skin around the eyes is so thin and sensitive, eye cream is a thinner, weaker version of your day or night creams. Not really necessary for most people.
  5. SPOT TREATMENT: Whether for bleaching, in which case you can use niacinamide (Vitamin B3) or hydroquinone (be careful of irritation) or for acne (benzoyl peroxide or salicylates), use spot treatment prior to your moisturizers. 


These recommendations are for general use, twice a day. For more specific problems there are many other products ranging from retinol to clay to masks to accelerators, but, should you think you need a 37 step program, see a plastic surgeon or ….a psychiatrist.