What is a Facial Serum?

What is a Facial Serum?

What exactly is a facial serum?

A facial serum is a soothing, thin yet concentrated topical agent containing all of the brand’s key ingredients, albeit in a higher percentage than in the usual day lotions or night creams. This is why they are typically found in smaller bottles (usually 30mls) than the creams or lotions (usually 50mls). 


Why should I use a serum? 

By allowing high concentrations of active ingredients to be directly and absorbed into your face, you deliver the right ingredient to the right area of concern. 


What is a super serum?

Serums can focus on specific targets and goals such as anti-aging, hydrating, skin brightening, reparative, texture improving and anti-oxidizing (protective).

 A super serum can address all of the above. While a little more expensive, a super serum saves on buying separate bottles of hyaluronate, Omega 3s, niacinamide or Vitamin C etc. It is far more convenient and less messy. 


How should it be used? 

It should usually be applied twice a day. 

After a gentle cleanse pat you face dry and then add the serum.

It does not need to be smothered on like a cream. Apply a small dab on each side of your face and forehead, then gently rub it into the skin. A high-quality serum will be easily absorbed leaving no residue and allowing application of subsequent products. After the serum, it is best to use a moisturizer, night cream or day lotion. 


What should the serum contain in order to be effective?

All quality serums should contain hyaluronic acid, preferably in its optimal formulation (cross polymer sodium hyaluronate.) 

Niacinamide increases the skin levels of a lipid called ceramide. This locks in moisture and firms the skin. It also controls hyper pigmentation.

Other ingredients will depend on what you want to target. If fine lines, then Omega 3 or retinol. If acne then some salicylates or zinc.