Efficacy Test

“100% of those who use Amazon Silk absolutely love it.” 

That was the feedback we had been getting for a year, so we decided to see why.

We commissioned Allergisa Pesquisa Laboratory, a reputable and well-known research firm of Sao Paulo, Brazil, a company who performs safety and efficacy testing for dermo-cosmetic companies including L’Oreal. 

They began a four-week efficacy study involving 25 women ages 45-60 with an average age of 54. Every client completed the study (apparently an indication that they liked what it did for them). The efficacy results were both patient perception and scientifically measured. They used devices such as Corneometers, Colourface Image Analyzers and Cutometers that poked, prodded and measured.

The results of the trial were stunning. Any result over 70% is noteworthy, over 80 is exceptional and anything over 90% is usually quite rare as it is beyond exceptional. Here they are: 


Timm Statements (statements made 15 minutes after the first application) % positive

  • Has easy absorption 100%
  • Has a mild formula/texture 100%
  • Does not leave the skin feeling greasy/oily 100%
  • Provides a soft and smooth skin feeling after application 96%
  • Provides a sensation of freshness after application. 88%
  • Does not leave a heavy skin feeling after application 100%
  • My skin feels pleasant when I apply the product 100%
  • My skin has a silky texture when I apply the product 96%


T4w statements (statements made four weeks after twice daily application) % positive

  • Reduces and smoothes fine lines 88%
  • Reduces and smoothes the deepest wrinkles 84%
  • Deeply hydrates. 92%
  • Recover facial volume. 92%
  • Restores skin tone. 96%
  • Redefines the format of the face/format in V 76%
  • Improves firmness 92%
  • Visibly reduces open pores 88%
  • Fills wrinkles 84%
  • Leaves skin smoother and brighter 100%
  • Evens skin color 92%


These remarkable responses were further validated by the quantitative measurements from various instruments, mentioned above. As a result of this study, we have been advised and given permission to make the following claims about Amazon Silk:

  • Soft skin sensation immediately after application supported by Self-Perceived Efficacy
  • Anti-wrinkle supported by the Self-Perceived Efficacy and Image Analysis of the Colorface® team.
  • Reduces expression lines supported by the Self-Perceived Efficacy and Image Analysis of the Colorface® team.
  • Improved Hydration supported by Self-perceived Efficacy and Instrumental measurements with the Corneometer® Hydrata CM 825 equipment.
  • Improves Skin Tonicity supported by Self-Perceived Efficacy.
  • Lifting effect supported by Image Analysis of Colorface® equipment.
  • Improves facial contour supported by Self-Perceived Efficacy and Image Analysis of the Colorface® team
  • Improves firmness supported by Self-Perceived Efficacy.
  • Reduces pores supported by the Self-Perceived Efficacy and Image Analysis of the Colorface® team.

In fact, comments from Allergisa were that Amazon Silk was in the A group, the best possible results of any facial serum or cream.